YOLO – A way of life, and an unreal excuse to do just about anything…

As college students, we have all uttered the phrase…

We have all screamed it at the top of our voices on countless nights out and we have all used it at least once, as a fine leithscéal to cover our arses and to hide our embarrassment when we look back on some of our most shameful moments.


Níl ach saol amháin agat”.

It might not be the oldest of seanfhocail, but it’s certainly got a ring to it.

You see, what started out as a really irritating catchphrase, overused by young wans and Beliebers alike, has now morphed into a way of life.

yolo beach

For us daoine óga who have the pleasure of partying our way through our days here in college, I’m sure we can all relate to a few common YOLO moments.

These consist of the best, the stupidest and the most reckless of all our third level stories and more often than not, are the ones we love to tell arís is arís.

One of my personal favourites occurs about once or twice a year, on those rare days when we catch a glimpse of that elusive fiery ball in the sky, and all hell breaks loose.


It’s “Goodbye lectures!”, “Slán go fóill assignments!”  and “Hello YOLO!”

Then away we go to whip out our bristí gearr, squander our money on 99’s and race to the nearest pub to have a pint amuigh faoin ngrian.

sin to waste meme

YOLO moment uimhir a dó is another classic, and often goes hand-in-hand with the sunny day.


yolo gif

Nothing beats it. The windows down, the spéaclaí gréine on and the radio absolutely blaring.

“Ná bac leis an obair! Sure won’t we tell our grandchildren about this in years to come?”

Uimhir a trí is a much more regular occurrance however, and can be witnessed on most nights out.

After numerous painful hangovers, we’ve sworn off this particular brand of YOLO many a time, but we can never resist for long, can we?


tequila gif

It’s the stuff of hopes and dreams, and the creator of many poor decisions.

These regrettable tequila shots can often be held responsible for a sizeable chunk of YOLO category uimhir a ceathair.

This grúpa could be described as the things you really, really shouldn’t do…but do anyway.

Agus ar ndóigh, by “things” I mean people, and by “do” I mean shift.

These are undoubtedly some of the trickiest types of YOLO, and often the most regrettable – as we realise when we pull away from the ex-boyfriend/current housemate/cara is fearr/absolute minger that we’ve just locked lips with.


Often stemming from the same source, YOLO group number five typically appears an mhaidin dár gcoinn, and is known far and wide as…


This beauty is a clear indication of some YOLO-related tomfoolery the oíche roimh ré and can be a great source of entertainment for anyone creeping from the safety of their kitchen window, as they catch a glimpse of some poor créatúr legging it home in their buachaill’s hoodie, tracksuit bottoms, and of course, last night’s heels.


Ironically, it’s in situations like this, when a bitín YOLO can come in awful handy.

After reaching rock bottom, you realise that the only way to go is up! Thus leading to a magical transformation from walk of shame into the Stride of Pride.


Tar éis sin, we realise that there’s nothing to be done except to suck it up, to laugh it off and give all our gang a giggle as you recount your tale of woe.

And soon enough, we find ourselves right back where we started, because “Ah sure who cares?”

“You only live once”.

regret nothing gif 


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