“Níl Aon Tínteán Mar Do Thinteán Féin” – When beans on toast becomes too much…

home sweet home

Yes of course, college life is unreal and the advantages are endless.

We all adore the craic, the freedom and the endless potential for causing wreck that exists at the heart of saol na hollscoile. So much so, that we’re perfectly happy to put up with the mouldy bread (“Sure it’s grand if you toast it”), the endless supply of gone-off milk (because “once it’s in the tea you can barely notice it” ) and even the sinister pile of putrid tea towels that never gets washed and just keeps growing.


Yes indeed, college life is thar barr, but every so often there comes a time when the little things become just too much and the prospect of beans on toast for the fifth day in a row sends us over the edge.

Sometimes we just need to go home.

Tar éis cúpla seachtaine of living with the constant stench of manky tea-towel, we begin to envision home as the lap of luxury. Only now do we fully appreciate how well we have it sa bhaile and how much we have missed our simple home comforts.

The fridge, mar shampla.

love is an open door

The fact that at home, we can open the cuisneoir without being assaulted by the horrifying smell of someone’s three-week old chicken curry or the crippling realisation that there is in fact, no food, seems unnatural to us, and is embraced as nothing less than a miracle.

want to eat you baby

We had completely forgotten that there are a whole world of dinners out there. Ones that aren’t scrambled eggs, bland pasta or the aforementioned and accursed beans on toast.

We are normally reminded of this wonderful truth by our most beloved one and only…



The weeks of malnutrition have gotten to us, and she invariably becomes our hero as she hands us our dinnéar, which we swear would put Gordon Ramsay himself to shame.

As we horse into our third helping of Shepherd’s Pie, we promise ourselves that we’ll get her a really, “like really really” good bronntanas for Mother’s Day next year and we strongly consider getting one of those “I ❤ Mom” tattoos.

hungry gif

After we’ve sufficiently stuffed ourselves , we retreat to the couch where we flop for the evening os comhair na teilifíse and rejoice in the vast quantity of telly channels. This particular home comfort comes as an especially pleasant luxury, and we are shocked at the level of choice, having forgotten that Judge JudyJeremy Kyle and the Big Bang Theory are not the only programs in existence.

chubby watching telly

We even finding ourselves feeling warm and fuzzy after fighting over the remote/washing machine/dishwasher with our siblings, who are another vital aspect of home living. These little argóintí take us back to our childhood and also make the list of our favourite home comforts…whether we admit it out loud or not.

sibling gif

Faoi dheireadh, after couch-potatoing for a significant amount of time, comes arguably the most precious of all home comforts…

Our own bed.

love bed

There’s nothing we want more at the end of a long day than our very own leaba, and returning to it after a long time apart is like Christmas morning and your breithlá all in one.

There’s no doubt that our days in college are some of the best of our lives, but ag deireadh an lae , we all have to admit…

There’s no place quite like home. ❤


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