Save a baby from a burning building…Or just smile, maybe?


The dreaded study week is upon us once more, leading students to move in their droves towards the leabharlann.

The vast majority of students will probably camp here for the week, stressed out about scrúdaithe, panicked about deadlines and penniless after squandering all of our worldly wealth on coffee in the café síos staighre.

stress cartoon

Bhuel, that’s what I’ve been doing anyway.

It’s uafásach really, having to frantically plough through weeks and weeks of half-arsed lecture notes, as well as having to tear around the place looking for even more information (after realising that the notes you took yourself are more or less useless), resulting in nothing but hardship and flashbacks of the…dare I even mention it…


*Insert shudder here*


No one enjoys study week. But despite all the nastiness, it can make us appreciate the little things an awful lot more.

This occurred to me the other day as I trudged down the stairs to spend my last pingin rua on coffee to help me power through the dregs of an essay. Needless to say I was not at my most cheery. Truth be told, I probably looked like more like a zombie with insomnia and an attitude problem than my regular scoláire self, but I returned upstairs with a smile on my face.

When you’re feeling a little bit down, the tiniest of things can change your whole day.


For me, it was the lovely lady at the till who, despite having clearly been toiling behind the counter for the whole day, gave me a huge smile and asked “Well darling, what can I get for you?” soon followed by a “There you go now pet”.

Without getting into an iomarca of the gooey details, just that small bit of kindness made me feel so much better, and almost (but not quite ready to go back and face my aiste).

So, thosaigh mé ag smaoineamh about the other little things that can make a huge difference.


Things like the mental health campaign on campus, with colourful messages scattered timpeall na hollscoile saying “You’re Beautiful” and telling us to “Smile” and “Bee Happy” (naturally accompanied with a crude, but admittedly cute) drawing of a bee.


It’s the simplest things that make the biggest impact.

On the Luas in Dublin, mar shampla, the #BeSound campaign is everywhere. It reminds us how even something as straightforward as offering up your suíochán for someone can not only make their  a little easier, but also inspire someone else to do the same.

be sound

Now ná bí buartha , I’m not about to go all Gandhi on you and beg you to go help old women cross the road or save a baby from a burning building.


Ach, it might be no harm to give a random act of kindness a go, for anyone who’s a bit under the weather, or for anyone for no reason at all.

You’d be surprised how big a difference a smile can make.


 So whether you offer your pal a cupán tae, let someone skip you in the queue in Aldi, or chat that young wan on Tinder to tell her you think she’s “unrale“…

Give it a go, and spread a little joy.



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